PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)

PMI Professional in Business Analysis  (PMI-PBA)
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PMI Professional in Business Analysis 

 PMI® has recognized Business Analysis plays an indispensable role in making projects successful. With this vision, PMI launched a new certification course, PMI® Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA).

For max duration, PMI® has made business analysis education requirement to 25 Contact Hours. Our program provides the necessary 25 contact hours.


1. What is a Business Analysis?
A: Business analysis is a discipline in the development of strategies and policies, evaluating the need of organizational change and process improvement. Business Analysis also includes identifying Business Needs and determining solutions to problems. Selected solution for a business change includes a systems development component where detailed data analysis is performed. The person who carries out this detailed investigation and analysis is called a business analyst or BA

2. What is PMI-PBA?
A: PMI-PBA is an accredited PMI® Professional in Business Analysis Certification.

3. Do I need to be a designated business analyst to apply for PMI-PBA certification?
A: No, Business analyst designation is not a mandate for PMI-PBA Certification. PMI recognizes if you are a part of a business analysis irrespective of your designation. You may be a system engineer or a project manager but if your work activities are as per the content outline of the PMI-PBA this then makes you eligible for this certificate

4. Is PMP® a prerequisite for PMI-PBA?
A: No, you don’t need any PMI® Certification as a prerequisite for PMI-PBA Course.

5. How much does it cost?
A: PMI-PBA costs you same as PMP®. If you are a PMI® member, the examination will cost you 405 USD and to non-members it would be 555 USD. This is just an examination cost. The PMI-PBA Training and examination prep material cost would be an add-on as per your requirement of classroom or online training.

6. What is the eligibility criterion?
A: The eligibility criterion of PMI-PBA is grouped under two types:
Experience- If you have a bachelor’s degree or a global equivalent, then you need to have an experience of 3 years in business analysis. This means you are required to have 4500 hours of experience in 3 years duration doing activities associated with the business analysis.

PMI® has grouped business analysis activities under 5 domains:

1. The first set is a Need Assessment wherein one needs to do enterprise analysis, high level scoping, identifying top level stakeholders, prepares business case.
2. Second is Planning wherein establishing tools, policies and procedures for requirements management plan, requirements traceability, change management, document control, and acceptance criteria are carried out.
3. Third is Analysis, wherein elicitation, analysis, decomposition, acceptance, approval, specification, and validation of the requirements for a product or project are performed. You get into the details of top level requirement, create a system specification document, create business process flow, and show system user interaction. Such kind of elaboration of resulting into communicating the detailed requirements to the development team is considered.
4. Fourth, Traceability and Monitoring wherein managing the life cycle of requirements are involved. It involves monitoring requirements throughout their lifecycles using a traceability tools and techniques, updating requirement status as it moves through its life cycle, communicating requirement status to stakeholders and managing changes to requirements.
5. And, lastly fifth, Evaluation wherein looking at the final product, whether it’s meeting the visual of the initial stage, value stream mapping et al.

You can check the details in the PMI-PBA Content Outline.
- If you do not have a bachelor’s degree, then you need to have an experience of 5 years rather than of 3 years.

PMI® also requires you to demonstrate you have worked on a project for at least 2000 hours. These 2000 hours implies you need to show you were doing business analysis, which later turned into a project environment. This is because PMI-PBA is launched with the goal that we need to do an effective Business analysis to get project successful.

Business Analysis Education

You need to acquire 35 hours of Business Analysis Education, which can be achieved by enrolling in a formal study course offered by PMI chapters or approved Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s).

6. I have been working on business analysis for three years and now I am working on Project Management for past two years, can I still opt for PMI-PBA?

7. How many Contact Hours are required?
You need to have 35 contact hours of business analysis education. This education you can take from any registered education provider following PMI-PBA Content Outline.

8. What types of content or subjects are taught?
As, I have mentioned earlier, strategy analysis, stakeholder management, preparing business cases, doing requirement analysis, monitoring and evaluating requirements are included. You can download PMI-PBA Content Outline from PMI® website.

9. Where can I give the exam?

The centers authorized to take exams for PMP® can also take exams for PMI-PBA. Centers which are conducting exam for CAPM® or PMI-ACP® may not be able to conduct this exam.

10. What is the duration of the PMI-PBA Exam?
Four hours duration for 200 questions

11. Do we have a book the way we have PMBOK® for PMP®?
As of now there is no single book. Though, PMI® would be publishing ‘A Practice Guide for Business Analysis’ by the fourth quarter of 2014 and ‘A Practice standard for Requirement Management’ by 2015. PMI® has also suggested a few reference books which you can go through on the basis of PMI-PBA Content Outline.

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