IIBA CCBA CBAP Business Analysis Electronic course kit

IIBA CCBA CBAP Business Analysis Electronic course kit
IIBA CCBA CBAP Business Analysis Electronic course kit IIBA CCBA CBAP Business Analysis Electronic course kit
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IIBA 's   Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) / Core Competency Business Analysis (CCBA®) Boot Camp

About the Program

The course provides targeted exam preparation support for IIBA® Certified Business Analysis Professional exam candidates, including both an IIBA® BABOK® content review and exam preparation tutorial.  You will be given a Study Guide that you can reuse to assess your knowledge gaps as part of your Personal Action Plan. Your score on this for each Knowledge Area can be compared to your results on the quiz at the end of each course module (also structured by BABOK® Knowledge Area). The course materials include a copy of the Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®).

Performance Focus

    • ◦        Knowledge Gap Assessment – pre-work
    • ◦        Targeted exam preparation support
    • ◦        IIBA® BABOK® Knowledge Area Overview
    • ◦        Content Review (Tasks and Techniques)
    • ◦        Exam Preparation Tutorial
    • ◦        Practice quiz after each Knowledge Area

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

    • ◦        Demonstrate familiarity with the structure and content of the IIBA® BABOK®
    • ◦        Improve their probability of passing the CBAP®/ CCBA®  Exam
    • ◦        Identify their knowledge gaps through the use of module practice exams
    • ◦        Gauge their readiness for taking the exam by IIBA® BABOK® Knowledge Area


CBAP®/ CCBA® Certification Criteria

Candidates for the IIBA®’s CBAP® must have at least 7,500 hours (CBAP®)  or  3750 Hrs (CCBA®)) of business analysis work experience in the last ten years engaged in tasks specifically related to the Knowledge Areas as defined within the BABOK®Guide. They must have 900 hours of business analysis work experience in tasks specifically related to at least four of the six BABOK® Guide Knowledge Areas. In addition, they must have at least a high school diploma or the global equivalent; 21 hours of professional development over the last four years; and two references from a career manager, client or CBAP®.


This course is suitable for people who are experienced in the practice of business analysis and who wish to prepare for the CBAP® Exam sponsored by the IIBA® as long as the CBAP® application qualifications listed at the end of this document are met. 

Who Should Attend
Individuals who are planning to sit for the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) or Core Competency Business Analysis (CCBA®) exam sponsored by the IIBA®.


Topics Covered 


1. What is Business Analysis?

2. Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

3. Requirements Elicitation – Gathering Information

4.Requirements Management and Communication– Defining the process

5. Enterprise Analysis– Defining the problem

6. Requirements Analysis and Documentation – Defining the Solution Model

7. Solution Assessment and Validation – Supporting the Balance of the Product Life Cycle

8.Underlying Competencies for BA -soft skills

9.Techniques for Requirement gathering process

10. UML modeling and prototyping (Rational Rose, Visio, Erwin, Visual paradigm, Enterprise Architect) with case studies and templates.

11. Project management (procurement management, Risk management, proposal writing) with case studies and templates.

12. SDLC (Traditional methodologies and Agile methodologies) models, Quality standards (ISO, CMMI) and Testing (Manual and Automation) with case studies and templates.

13. Different domains introductions (Telecom, Banking, E-Gov, Travel and hospitality, Health care, BPO,Engineering services).

14. Requirement gathering tools (Rational Requisitepro, Caliber RM, TopTeam)

15.Business Process Modelling tools (Savion,Aris,Pega)


Practical Application Sessions


1. Design and facilitate a Requirements-Gathering session


2. Developing Use Cases and a Use Case Diagram


3. Create a Business Process model


4. Creation of Business Requirement Document, UAT Test Plan


5. Hands on experience in Rational Requisite Pro, MS Visio ,Rational Rose and Visual Paradigm

6. An Model BA Exam to evaluate where you stand.


Training Takeaways

• 10+ projects on requirement analysis and documentation

• 1000+Multiple choice questions and answers for CBAP® /CCBA®

• 21hrs CDU/PDU Certificate as IIBA EEP viz mandatory for appearing in Certification

• Acronyms and Mnemonics to help you remember key items in BABOK

• Analyze and understand the business problems

• Assess preparedness for the CCBA® / CBAP® examination

• Books on Requirement Analysis - 1.Managing software requirements - a unified approach.

• Books on UML - 1.UML distilled, 2.UML for IT BA, 3.UML weekend crash course

• Case Study to provide a simulation of the implementation of BA concepts

• Case study, Training Material, Hand outs for extra reading / knowledge

• Chapter-wise Quizzes.

• Complete understanding of IIBA's Babok

• Condensed Lesson material to help you understand the essence of each chapter in BABOK.

• Enhanced Mindmaps / BABOK Cartoons to help you with easy revision and study.

• Exposure to industry best practices on Business Analysis

• Final Exam Simulation with realistic questions to crack the exam.

• Five one-hour Q&A sessions after the course to help you after the course.

• Free 90-day subscription To spectramind's 1 CBAP® /CCBA® simulation exam

• Help with your CCBA / CBAP Application.

• Identifying the project risks and deciding the areas to focus on for testing. Verifying that requirements for testability and generating testing objectives. Determining the techniques, user acceptance test scenarios and resources to use. Writing User Acceptance Test Scenarios and executing User Acceptance Testing. Defect Reporting and Defect Tracking

• In-Session Quiz to help you uncover knowledge gaps.

• MindMaps of all chapters

• Model BA interview Questions

• Project specific templates, srs, brs, feasibility reports, RFI, RFQ, and CCB.

• Requirements gathering (TopTeam,Doors) Software/ UML tools ( Visio, Visual paradigm, Enterprise Architect) Software.

• Summary of all Inputs and Outputs

• Summary of all Tools and Techniques

• Understanding of the BA role as per the industry requirements

• Understanding the approach to answer Objective type Questions

• Understanding the requirements management process. Identifying and gathering requirements critical to the business objectives and goals. Lead the project team to consensus on project scope. Practicing most appropriate elicitation technique(s) involving business stakeholders.

• Verifying requirement for accuracy and appropriateness, documenting, categorizing, and packaging requirements. Conducting successful requirement review sessions with stakeholders. Tracing requirements back to source and linking to solutions

• Workbook for comprehensive 200+ page CBAP®/CCBA® preparation study guide with key terms, tips, and techniques to help you prepare for the CBAP®/CCBA® exam.

• Writing and critiquing requirements using standard techniques such as UML diagrams, Data and Process Models and Use Cases.

• Writing compelling Business Cases incorporating ROI and Cost-Benefit analysis, Trend Analysis and Regression models, Risk Analysis, Make-or-Buy decisions, and others tools for informed decision making

• Writing skills for successful scoping, requirements and solutions documents. Practical exercises in writing problem statements, business objectives, high-level requirements, non-functional requirements, and transitional requirements.

• MS Excel Application Tool

• Best Practice guide on filing CBAP/CCBA Application form

• Expert Feedback on your Application and consulting on how to strengthen it

• Goal is To Maximize your chances of approval of your CCBA/CBAP Application

• Helps you discover early on if you will indeed qualify for CBAP/CCBA Certification ,without needing to spend the $125 Application fees


Feedback on BA sessions

    • ¥    Mr. Senthil Rajan C,CBAP® __ -(RBS Business Services Pvt Limited, Chennai) This was the most beneficial and superbly run course that I have ever attended in my professional career. Vijay's delivery and knowledge of the subject matter was inspirational, so much so that I have now successfully implemented BA Process across three product lines to the excitement of both my development team and the company at large. Thank you Vijay for showing me the light and I highly recommend his course to anyone."
    • ¥    Mr. Zeeshan Singh,CBAP® __ -(HCL, Bangalore) Thank you very much for such a great BA workshop. I have attended many workshops in the last couple of years, but this is the first time I really enjoyed it and had fun during learning. The course content was good and the way you presented it was awesome. I feel that a training is successful when all the attendees discuss it during breaks/lunch and they all get involved, all the time.
    • ¥    Mr. Krishna,CBAP® __ -(KPO, Chennai) Thanks a lot for your timely guidance and support .I am able to clear this Certification because of your Workshop.
    • ¥    Mrs. Suguna Patibandla,CBAP® (Senior BA, California) Very useful training. Would certainly recommend everyone on my team to undergo this training.
    • ¥    Mrs. Bindu,CBAP® __ -(Consultant, UK) Thank you for the fantastic training you conducted for us. This was by far the best training course I had attended in the last few years, and reinforced an excellent understanding of Business analysis. I am now planning to conduct some sessions for my team members, and also (shudder!) give up some control and let them get the job done by themselves
    • ¥    Mr. Nadeera Sir Nammuni,CBAP® __ -(DIALOG,Srilanka)"This was the most beneficial and superbly run course that I have ever attended in my professional career. vijay's delivery and knowledge of the subject matter was inspirational, so much so that I have now successfully implemented Scrum across three product lines to the excitement of both my development team and the company at large. Thank you vijay for showing me the light and I highly recommend his course to anyone."
    • ¥    Mr. Vinay Vashisht ,CBAP® __ (IBM, Hyderabad) - "I always felt free to ask questions and the instructor spent the time to make sure that they were answered in a thorough manner. I was not afraid to ask questions and he helped me explore aspects of the program that weren't necessarily covered in the class but will help me to understand and better use it in the future."
    • ¥    Mr. Rahul Singh , CBAP® __-( Enzen Global Solutions Pvt Ltd., Bangalore) - " The course was very useful. Gave me a good insight of the techniques I can use to analyze the Requirements and help the management to arrive at decisions based on facts ”
    • ¥    Ms. Bindu Bhaskar (Deccan Express Logistics Pvt Ltd., Bangalore) - "I learnt new concepts so that these could be implemented in our organisation. Exercises & samples are good in understanding the concepts better "
    • ¥    Mr. Bhuswamy,CBAP® __ -(Mahindra Satyam,Hyderabad) " Vijay is able to break down the information into very clear and easy to follow sections. Further, he was very skilled at handling the related, but small detail questions that arose while staying on track with getting required information out."
    • ¥    Ms.Nisha Gupta, CBAP® __-(Sr.BA, Noida) - "The extent to which the program was thought about and planned was impressive Excellent Program. Must for people stepping into Business Management kind of roles "
    • ¥    Mr. Rajesh Pachaiappan,CBAP® (Value momentum,Hyderabad) - "I found the program very useful and it taught me a lot of things that I did not know earlier "
    • ¥    Mr. Jayasimha Kavuru,CBAP® (Business analyst, Hyderabad) - "I am satisfied, I need to practice to develop myself now further. Overall the program was very educative and informative. The commitment of the faculty to the topic was very encouraging"
    • ¥    Mr. Rahul Panth(I-Gate, Bangalore) - "Excellent experience. Totally worth it!"
    • ¥    Mrs.Pradeepa Vala, CBAP® __ (Sr.BA , Canada)-"Very useful training. Would certainly recommend everyone on my team to undergo this training."
    • ¥    Mr. Ankur Grover, CBAP®(Sr.BA , RBS , Gurgaon)-"I am hugely happy with the way this course was carried. It's highly relevant to my career."
    • ¥    Mr. Selvakumar. T(BA , National Bank of DUBAI,Dubai)-"Very practical, very useful! Instructor kept the program pace and it was very engaging."
    • ¥    Mr. Syed Wahed Hussain (Business analyst , QNB, Qatar) - "I am satisfied with the program. The presentation, materials, organization and examples very very good. "
    • ¥    Mr .Syed Jaffer Hussain (Senior BA , Citi bank, Saudi Arabia)- "The program structure was good, trainer was excellent and the course material provided were also very good . "
    • ¥    Mr.Basha(BA , Oil and Gas company , Dubai )-"Ability of the trainer to get across the ideas and views. Simple, analytical examples to get across the concepts was good. "
    • ¥    Mr .Josie Geroge, CBAP®(Sr.BA, BMC) "The trainer had good knowledge to handle all queries and conducted appropriate group discussions which was participative. In all a value addition program"
    • ¥    Mr.Sravan Chakravarthy Kothuri, (BA ,Australia ) - "Knowledge of the instructor was good and questions were encouraged. It was a good workshop and helped me in clarifying issues about Requirement Analysis ,documentation and presentation "
    • ¥    Mr.Kunal Dash(Stratergic BA , 3i infotech, Hyd)- " I am satisfied with the training. Presentation skills of the faculty, examples and ability to provide appropriate answers to the questions were good ,Overall the course was good. "
    • ¥    Mrs Annu Bothra , CBAP®(Lead BA , CANADA)- " A very interactive program and the proactive sessions was liked most Very satisfactory to get initiated in Requirements Engineering. Very practical approach. "
    • ¥    Mr.Surya (Strategic BA , China) - " A great introduction to all the aspects of Requirements Engineering .I feel on the whole, the program was conducted very well and it met my expectations. "
    • ¥    Mr.Ramakrishna Poludsa ,CBAP®(Senior BA , Australia) - " Good presentation, Excellent Examples and good time-management ,Case Studies exercises were Excellent. Reference Kit was very useful ,Knowledge level of faculty, coverage and examples given was very good. Overall a pretty good program "
    • ¥    Mr.Anil Saini (BA UK) - " The program was well structured with good sense of humor from the trainer Organized well. I liked the way things were presented. "
    • ¥    Mr Srinivas - (BDE, Applabs- Hyd) - "Faculty is very well experienced and the presentation was very good. I am overall very satisfied with the program ,Reference materials used were extremely good "
    • ¥    Mr. s v shobhan kumar ,CBAP®(HCL Senior BA , Chennai)- " A very good and informative program, interactive with good examples ,Well structured, good materials and examples. Program was excellent "
    • ¥    Mr Pranjal (BDE - visual soft) - " Ability of the trainer to get across the ideas and views. Simple, analytical examples to get across the concepts was good. It was a good workshop and the trainer personally believed in the concept "
    • ¥    Mr Shanmukha Rao ( Market research analyst - AP Govt.) -"The trainer was good and he could convince people ,Knowledge and conviction of the instructor was good ,Overall it was a useful investment for me to attend this workshop "
    • ¥    Ms.Srivani Yeragudipati ,CBAP® (BA - Newjersy ,USA) - " It is an excellent training program for the Requirements Analysts ,Joint exercises and examples were excellent "
    • ¥    Mr.SYED, R AHMED (Senior BA -Saudi Airlines)This is to convey my heart felt Thanks to you for laying a strong foundation by training me in the area of Business Analysis.The effort you have invested in getting us trained is really paying off. Today I have received an appreciation letter from the Vice-President, IT Division, Saudi Arabian Airlines, appreciating my work on the detailed analysis carried in capturing the requirements and overseeing the launch of the loyality program for Saudia.This would not have been possible without being trained in the standard processes and procedures of Business Analysis and this credit definitely goes to you for being a great guide all the way through.Truly appreciate you effort and kudos to the great work you are offering.
    • ¥    Mr.Krishna.P , CCBA® (BA , IBM , Bangalore) - " Vijay had varying levels of experience and as a result of this training walked out with a better understanding of how we can use these methods to work with diverse teams to gather input and feedback on requirements that they need to meet a global need. Vijay was able to bring the class together and offer knowledge and expertise from years of experience to class not only in a theoretical approach by first explaining the approach, but then applying the methods as the group worked in teams to demonstrate what they learned. "
    • ¥    Mrs.Jhansi Malisetty , CCBA® (BA, Realpage ,Bangalore) - " The breadth of the course modules are amazing. The instructor is very well versed in all aspects of each topic detail. Not only will you learn about Business Analyst tools, methods, and processes, you’ll learn the fundamentals surrounding it"
    • ¥    Mr.Ranjeet (BA , Planetonline ,Hyd) - "Your classes helped me to get confident in the BA field. I found a great job as BA in 2 months after finishing the class."
    • ¥    Mr.Rohit (PM,TCS,Hyd) -"I would consider myself a ‘mature student’ who has operated in varying Business Analyst and Project Manager roles in a banking domain. I could not speak highly enough for the course. It provides a context for change both at a personal and organisational level and then goes on to provide practical techniques for successfully implementing change. In particular, I really enjoyed the case studies and the sharing of experience with other participants. I would recommend the course to both mature students like myself looking for a new impetus and to younger students looking to develop their career as a business analyst or team leader. For anyone with management ambitions, the course would be really advantageous."
    • ¥    Mrs. Bindu Bhaskar,CBAP® (Sr.BA, Deccan Cargo ,Bglr) - " I work as a Business Analyst and found that the program is the ideal forum to broaden the technical and non technical and people skills required to excel in the Business Analyst role. I would recommend this program to any Business Analyst aspiring to learn current business practices and techniques, and affirm existing skills. The lectures and organisation are first rate."
    • ¥    Mrs.Aparna Adil,CBAP® (BA ,Pune)"I liked the instructor's background which, I believe, made him perfect to teach an online course. The subject matter is dry; but, the instructor made material easy to understand. He used great examples which made the theoretical "stuff" relevant. I would like to see him teach a more advanced course.
    • ¥    Mr.Anil (Junior BA ,Hyd)"I think this course overall was excellent. Vijay explained the course material in everyday language and not the academic jargon we are used to. I found the supplemental information very good. In all honesty, there is nothing bad to say. If my professors were like this one when I was an undergraduate, I would have done much better than I did."
    • ¥    Mr. Suneet ,CBAP® (Senior BPM , Accenture, Bangalore) -"This course provided an excellent introduction to business analysis techniques. It is obvious the instructor has a great deal of experience in the field. He was able to make some very complex concepts much easier to understand."
    • ¥    Mr. Chandra Pulaparti, CCBA®(Junior BA, Bangalore) The Spectramind courses are a very effective way of developing an understanding of Business Analysis and Requirements Management and form an important part of our BA training framework.


Vijay Bhaskar Reddy,CBAP®

Vijay Bhaskar Reddy,IIBA Member

Vijay possess the distinction of being the 1st CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) in INDIA.

Vijay is a well-known Silicon Valley executive, who has spent the last 20 years experience in Business analysis, Project Management & Process Improvements at global companies.
Vijay is one of about 100 Certified Business analyst Professional Trainers worldwide,and First Certified Business analyst Professional in INDIA.
Prior to founding Spectramind Solutions,Vijay work for TCS in Senior management positions.Vijay was formerly working at TCS Global services he was part of the Business Analysis , requirement elicitation of various products and projects and Software Quality Assurance (SQA) team for driving the organizational processes and their compliance to CMMI Level 5.
Vijay is the co-author of The "Business Analyst Primer", one of the most widely read book for introduction to Business analysis.
Vijay has conducted numerous public and in-house trainings on Business analyst,Requirement engineering, Project Management, Work Breakdown Structure, Making Project Managers, Risk Management,Function point estimations, GreenIT, Ethical hacking,Digital forensics, Subcontractor Management, Quality Process preparations, Software Internal Auditor Training, Peer Reviews and Software Quality etc. His training feedbacks have consistently been rated high and have been positively received
Vijay trains and facilitates 21 Contact Hour Training Course and has trained over thousands of aspirants for the BA certification Contact program. He has successfully taught this course since the year 2005 with an excellent feedback.
Vijay is an honors Engineering graduate of Bangalore University,and MBA from Karnataka Open University.
Vijay is a resident of Hyderabad, India and travels to South East Asia , Australia, China,London, Singapore, Boston frequently to perform consulting and training assignments.

Customer List

We provide CBAP training to more leading companies in India and Asia than any other organization in the world. Few Our customers include:

    • ¥    Infosys
    • ¥    DELL
    • ¥    HSBC
    • ¥    Amdocs
    • ¥    Colt
    • ¥    Axa
    • ¥    BOA
    • ¥    JPMorgans
    • ¥    OBS
    • ¥    UST Global
    • ¥    Wipro
    • ¥    TCS
    • ¥    Microsoft
    • ¥    Oracle
    • ¥    Nokia
    • ¥    HP
    • ¥    Novell
    • ¥    Symphony
    • ¥    Mindtree
    • ¥    Satyam
    • ¥    Accenture
    • ¥    CapGemini
    • ¥    Philips
    • ¥    IBM
    • ¥    Sony

and over 100 other leading companies across Asia


How Students Rate Us ?

Evaluation from the summary Data - CBAP/CCBA Prepratory training
Data Shown is mean score of all responses

Q1.Thinking just about the Knowledge you gained form the course (not the certification itself) is the course worth , the time required and the course fees.?
Our Rating : Yes 95.9% and No 4.1%

Q2.Content Covered in the Course ?
1.Very Poor
Our Rating : 4.21

Q3.Course instructor Vijay Bhaskar Reddy.I
1.Very Poor
Our Rating :4.81

Q4.Content coveredin the course
1.Very Poor
Our Rating :4.4

Q5.Usefulness of what you learnt
1.Very Poor
Our Rating : 4.9

Q6.How Likely would you be recommending the course to others?
1.Not Likely
5.Very Likely
Our Rating : 4.59





 “IIBA®, the IIBA® logo, BABOK® and Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® are registered trademarks owned by International Institute of Business Analysis. These trademarks are used with the express permission of International Institute of Business Analysis.”

 “ CCBA®, CBAP® is a registered certification mark owned by International Institute of Business Analysis. This certification mark is used with the express permission of International Institute of Business Analysis.”

“EEP and the EEP logo, Certification of Competency in Business Analysis, CCBA® and the CCBA® logo are trademarks owned by International Institute of Business Analysis.”


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