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Section 1: Plan, create, and manage a RequisitePro project (41%)

  1. Install and configure RequistePro

  2. Explain what a Requirements Management Plan is and how it can be used for planning a RequisitePro project

  3. Create a project template

  4. Create a document outline

  5. Set up a location for storing secondary outlines and templates

  6. Create a project 

  7. Administer a RequisitePro Project

  8. Explain what RequisitePro extensibility interface is and how it can be used



Section 2: Gather, organize, document requirements (23%)

  1. Import requirements

  2. Export requirements from a view

  3. Establish requirements hierarchy

  4. Cut, and paste requirements

  5. Copy requirements

  6. Delete requirements

  7. Work with requirements in a document

  8. Take a requirements document offline 

  9. Bring a document online



Section 3: Manage requirements (28%)

  1. Manage requirements with attributes

  2. Use traceability for impact analysis and coverage report

  3. Create and filter Attribute Matrix, Traceability Matrix, and Traceability Tree views

  4. Create reports and interpret project metrics

  5. How to work with external projects

  6. Create and compare baselines



Section 4: Communicate requirements (8%)

  1. Use discussions

  2. Configure RequisitePro Windows client for e-mail enabled discussion

  3. Configure the Revision Notification

  4. Subscribe to Revision Notification

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