Access Consciousness Manipulation

Access Consciousness Manipulation
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What do manupilation class about?

“The whole idea of lies, lines and manipulation is not about getting everything you want by using people, but rather about seeing what actually works for different things and being very aware of what people need to hear in order to be able to make the choices they need to make. “

For example, manipulation with energy is about creating more ease in your life, in your business and in your money flows. Friends of mine have gorgeous twin babies who are too young to speak. These babies are so good at manipulating they get what they want almost instantaneously. That’s the kind of manipulation I’m talking about, manipulation with energy.

However, you must first give up all your judgments of manipulation. When it’s done for creation, manipulation can actually be an inspiration to people as it allows others to contribute to you. 

Manipulations can actually be a way to facilitate people to choose something greater than they have been choosing. What if you could create more possibilities for you and everyone around you by looking at the thing you say and how you speak from a completely different point of view?

What have you decided manipulation is … that it isn’t? What if you could actually use it to your advantage instead of against you?


The class will be facilitated by a Certified Access Consciousness - CFMW


Date, Time and Duration :

Every day :  Monday to Friday only [ Pre Registration Mandatory].

The 1 month class will be online WhatsApp class  ......any time we can chat  on whatsapp ..... Starting at 9.30 am and continue till 4.30 pm.



•          The fee for the class is INR 1000/- Only



Vijay  Tel: +91  94400 89341 

Vijay WhatsApp: +91 97313 30926


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