Access Consciousness Money

Access Consciousness Money
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About the Training

What is the Money class ?

When it comes to money, most people have spent their lives spending money, trying to get money, trying to find money, trying to figure out what to do or what’s wrong with them if you don’t have money, but none of that has to do with what money is really about.

What if money has nothing to do with any of that? The truth is that money is about what you are willing to receive and be in the world, and ‘doing’ is only a part of that.

You’ve got to be grateful for every penny that comes into your life and more will show up. It’s not just about getting money so you can spend it, it’s about asking ‘what can I use my money for that will create a change here?’ Using your money to create a change in the world is a totally different reality than what we are taught to do here.

"Only when you're willing to make choices that are world changing can you have the money you really want to have." - Gary Douglas

Imagine a world where money were a joy and a contribution, not only to the people that have it but to the planet and creating a sustainable future? Is that a financial reality that you would enjoy creating?

Regardless of your current financial situation, wealth and abundance are possible and YOU are the source for creating it!

Often we think that if we would just receive a large inheritance or win the lotto, then our money situation would be handled and we would be happy. Nothing wrong with receiving an inheritance or winning the lotto and… what else is possible? What could you do today to begin to change your money situation right away?

What if everything you’d been taught or learned about money and wealth was out-of-date or incorrect? That has certainly been the experience of many people, even those who thought they were “financially secure,” during these times of great financial change.

When you make a statement, conclusion, or judgment, anything that ends with a period (full stop) you are basically telling the universe that you have got the answer. When you settle on that answer, nothing that disagrees with or doesn’t match that answer can come into your universe.

How often do you make statements about money? “I don’t have any.” “I can’t afford it!” “I have too much month left at the end of my paycheck.” “That’s all the money I have.” “I’ve spent all my money.” Do any of these statements feel light to you at all?

That’s because they’re conclusions, decisions and judgments. When the universe hands out money, it might just skip the bank accounts of the people saying these things. Why? Well for the simple reason that they’ve already announced their situation and what the Universe hears is that they are not interested in or open to the universe’s infinite possibilities.



The class will be facilitated by a Certified Access Consciousness - CFMW


Date, Time and Duration :

Every day :  Monday to Friday only [ Pre Registration Mandatory].

The 1 month class will be online WhatsApp class  ......any time we can chat  on whatsapp ..... Starting at 9.30 am and continue till 4.30 pm.



•          The fee for the class is INR 1000/- Only



Vijay  Tel: +91  94400 89341 

Vijay WhatsApp: +91 97313 30926


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