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Access Consciousness Business
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What is business Class about:

How much are we taught that if we get the ‘right’ formula for doing business then we are sure to succeed? And how often does that work? What if business is not about following a path that someone else has laid out, or even finding the decision and conclusion that will get the result you desire, but what if it’s about discovering what works for you and what your business requires? See, business is actually about living. It goes way beyond doing a job, or starting a company, or working with or for someone: it’s a pragmatic way of being and functioning in the world that allows you to expand every area of your life, including your money, and for it to grow easily with the contribution that you are willing to be and receive.

What if business could be something that expanded your life and brought joy to it instead of something you have to do?One of the keys to creating business beyond the  limitations of this reality is by asking the questions that will keep you moving forward and making sure that you have clarity on all the elements that are required to make your business work.

All projects have an energy and life force of their own, and acknowledging and allowing this can allow them to become far greater than anything you can imagine. What you really want to do is ask, ‘What else can be done? What could be changed? What would create something greater?’ You have to keep looking at what you haven’t yet chosen, that is actually possible and that’s when business becomes a greater possibility for living.



The class will be facilitated by a Certified Access Consciousness - CFMW


Date, Time and Duration :

Every day :  Monday to Friday only [ Pre Registration Mandatory].

The 1 month class will be online WhatsApp class  ......any time we can chat  on whatsapp ..... Starting at 9.30 am and continue till 4.30 pm.



•          The fee for the class is INR 1000/- Only



Vijay  Tel: +91  94400 89341 

Vijay WhatsApp: +91 97313 30926



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