Access Consciousness Parenting Training

Access Consciousness Parenting  Training
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About The Event


About The Event

“All of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy, and Glory”


“To change anything you have to be willing to make a demand of yourself to change. Not a demand of others but a demand of yourself." ~ Gary M. Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness.



What is the Parenting?

Can you imagine what it would be like to raise conscious and aware children? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create the space that allowed your kids to unleash their potential and burst through the limitations that hold them, and you, back? To create the ease, joy, and glory in everything they do and to empower them to consciously take charge of their own lives?

Conventional parenting is often based on a philosophy that encourages parents to stop listening to what they instinctively know. What if only you and your child know what will work best for you? Conscious parenting, instead of focusing on changing the behavior of children, is instead about parenting from a new place of conscious awareness. And this can have amazing positive effects on the children involved!

What if you didn’t have to buy into what all of the experts say? Or let other people’s judgments and opinions about parenting affect you? What if you know? What if you could also empower your children to use their knowing and awareness to create a life that they desire? Would that be easier than trying to control them and protect them? What if awareness is the greatest protection?


This class will not give you any formulas on how to parent, but It will allow you to begin to see parenting in a entirely new way. With the amazing tools of Access, you can begin sifting through all the parenting advise you have ever been given. So you can ask what would work for you and your children. When you begin to parent from conscious awareness you can easily negotiate the big concerns of parenting like daycare, breast vs. bottle, homework, adolescence, illness, discipline, tantrums, etc and stop parenting from limitation and begin to parent from infinite possibilities for you and your children. With the tools of Access you can start to parent with ease, by asking questions. What if parenting could stop being a job and begin to be a joy. 

What if you had allowance for your children and could recognize and facilitate their gifts talents and abilities with ease. What if you had allowance for you as a parent? What if there was no right or wrong to parenting? What if you did not judge yourself or your children for what you are choosing to create


The class will be facilitated by  a certified Access Consciousness Facilitator -CFMW


Date,Time and Duration

Every week :  Monday to Friday   only [ Pre Registration Mandatory].

The One month Online class will start at 9.30 am and continue till 4.30 pm. 



•          The fee for the class is Rs1000/- Only


Register here :

Vijay  Tel: +91 94400 89341 

Vijay What’s App: +91 97313 30926




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