Murex Data mart Training

Murex Data mart   Training
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Murex Datamart reporting developer:[SQL and PLSQL is required but not mandatory]:


1. What is trade?
2. What is trade life cycle?
3. What is CONFIG session? DMREPORT session?
4. How to find Deal in Murex entered by FO ?
5. How to identify which operations performed on deal?
6. What is dynamic Table?
a. Class types in Dynamic table
b. Transaction, Accounting, Simulation
c. Selection of fields in Dynamictable
d. What is horizontal field and how to create horizontal fields?
e. What is interactive field?
f. Date Selection in Dynamic table
g. What ispre filter and post filter in Dynamic table and how to apply?
h. How to test the dynamic table?
7. Overview of simulation
8. Datamart setup (Rep table)
a. What is Datamart setup and how to create Datamart table?
b. How to create Dynamic table based and SQL based REP tables?
9. Setting rights using view template
10. Data mart feeder
a. What is a Datamart feeder?
b. How to Feed data in REP table
c. How to run Datamart feeder
11. Datamart Extraction
a Generating reports in different types of file formats using extraction [ likecsv, pdf,flat files]
b Creating view in extraction and generating report using that view
c Requesting Label in Extraction
d How to run Data Extraction
12. Batch of feeders
a How to create batch of feeder
b How to run batch of feeder
c Global filter and label of data in batch of feeder
d Creating and running batch of extraction
13. Batch of Datamart Extraction
14. Stored procedures in murex
15. Batches of Stored procedures
a. Creating batches of stored procedures
b Running batches of stored procedures
16. View Execution jobs
17. Creating processing scripts
18. What is lookup table and how to create it?
19. How to take import and export of created objects in murex
20. Overview of how to run shell script in Unix
21. Preparing business documents



Duration:25 Hours online by gotomeeting / webex [Saturday and Sunday 2 hour each   and max of 5 to 6 weekend’s course]


Pls add me on skype id: tiptopten2000




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